Free digital phone features

Free In-network calling

In-Network ĎMember to Memberí Calls are always Free and Unlimited! It doesn't matter if your calls are Domestic or International, if the person you are calling is a customer of the network you can talk for free for as long as you like. Consider this: if you buy two lines and give one to someone, you can stay in touch for free. It's perfect if you like to talk on the phone, since In-Network calls are always free, they never count towards any rated monthly phone plan. Back to top

Advanced Voicemail

Get your messages by Phone, on the Web, or via Email. Plus you have complete access of your account from any Internet connection. It doesnít get any easier. Back to top


Our E911 services are state of the art. We use the same provider of services that supports GMís OnStar Emergency Response Platform. This provides an address verification interface that works in conjunction with a GPS coordinate data base. Our Customers control the location in the system through their Member Portal. The result is a Best in Class service virtually ensuring that every 911 call is routed to the correct Emergency Response Agency for the Customerís current location. Back to top

Caller ID w/Name

Lets you know who's calling before you take the call. Back to top

  • Displays Identity of Incoming Callers
  • Works with any Caller ID enabled touch-tone phone
  • Works with Call Waiting, displaying the new caller's identity when you hear the Call Waiting tones
  • See Caller ID information in your Web Control Panel and Voicemail notification emails

ID Privacy

Secure your identification and privacy. ID Privacy Block allows you to block your identity when you're making a phone call. You can activate Caller ID Block any time you make an outgoing call on a per call basis. Back to top

Call Waiting

Donít miss important calls, get notified when you're on a call and you receive another. Call Waiting allows you to accept an incoming call while you're already on a call. Call Waiting places your first call on hold while you answer the second incoming call. Back to top

Call Forwarding

Forward your calls to where you are! Forward incoming calls to any phone number you select in the USA or Canada. Back to top

3-Way Conference Calling

Connect with multiple parties at the same time. All of you can talk at once. Multi-Line Calling is simple and doesn't cost a cent more than making individual calls. A great feature to make communications easier and save time. No longer do you need to repeat or relay information, communicate with all parties at once. Conference in any telephone number, national or international. Back to top

Call Transfer

Makes redirection of calls to another phone easy. Call Transfer allows you to direct calls to anywhere you want in the United States and Canada. You have the freedom to transfer your call to a phone number of your choosing such as your home phone, cell phone, or office phone. Calls are transferred immediately and in real time so the caller never knows the call has been forwarded. Back to top

Repeat Dialing

Let us do your re-dialing. Don't waste time dialing and redialing busy numbers. Repeat Dialing can call you back when the number you're trying is no longer busy. Back to top

Call Return

Easy, quick call back saves time and hassle. Call Return returns your last incoming call automatically. Back to top

International Call Blocking

International Call Block is a feature that allows you to block and unblock international calling. You'll never have to worry about unintended international calls again. Back to top


Sending and receiving faxes is easy to set up on your service. An adaptor that is required for use of a standard line phone is required. Back to top

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